Enjoy all these free tools to jump start your journey from Control Centered Relationships, into Power Centered Relationships.  We are committed to shifting the nature of power on the planet, one relationship at a time! Once you download these tools, share them with others.  These are some of our most beloved tools that will help you deepen your mastery, your relationships, mindset, and actual influence in your entire life.

Circle of Power Mini-Course

Step Into Your REAL Circle of Influence

We spend 80%, or more, of our time on things we cannot control spinning our wheels, wasting resources, reducing our ability to impact what matters most, all while leaving us frustrated and exhausted in the process.

In this FREE Mini-Course identify what the 10 indicators of control centered living and leading are, how it’s impacting you, your relationships, your leadership, and your life.  And you’ll learn the one thing you can do about it right now!

The Ten Indicators of Control

Respond Powerfully, and Feel Energized, in High-Pressure Moments

Download the 10 ways we limit our impact, influence, and outcomes; and learn how to prevent it!

THE TRUTH:  Under pressure, amidst rapid change, in complex, diverse settings we think, behave, and emote in unconscious, subtly self-sabotaging ways that leave most of us frustrated, frantic, and frozen during the most pivotal moments in life, love, and business.

This makes everyone feel drained, ineffective, and insignificant.  But it doesn’t have to be this way!

The Four Principles of Power

Enhance your Influence, Liberate your Experience

There are four principles that, when used, will enhance your impact, deepen your influence, and make you irreplaceable in every relationship you are in.

These four principles of power can be used in five minutes or less, helping you turn around any situation you find yourself in so you can drive exponential results, authentic relationships, and a real sense of personal liberation.

7 Steps of Courageous Communication

Turn Every Conversation into an Authentic Connection

We can all freeze when it matters most, armor up in key relationships, or avoid the most important conversations in high pressure moments.

This behavior negatively impacts our results, relationships, and personal experiences.  They leave us drained, depleted, and struggling with most relationships, frustrated with empty bank accounts, spinning our wheels in law suits and high turn over in business, and sleeping on the couch at home.

Power Centered Vs. Control Centered Leadership Info-Graph

The Dirty Little Secret No One Wants to Talk About. . .

50% of marriages will end in divorce, 60% of us stay in unhealthy relationships that don’t make us happy, and even worse 1 in 3 of us will experience intimate partner violence in our lives.

It’s called Control Centered Relationships.  Know what it is, and know what Power Centered Relationships looks like in action.

Vortex Feeling Word Check List

Quickly identify feelings, with surgical precision, so you can enhance your relationships, communication, and intimacy with yourself and others

Build your feeling word vocabulary that will help you create the kind of Power Centered Emotions that bring you great value, deepen your relationships, and help you steer the ship of your life!

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